There is three types of membership, split in 2 categories:

paying and non-paying members

Non-paying members (NPM) are receiving information about the activities of the Society by e-mail, but will not get reduction on conference admission fees, will not be invited on Social events offered by the society without payment, and will have no right to vote.

Paying members (PM) can either be individual paying members (IPM) or corporate paying members (CPM).
Both IPM and CPM have reduced entrance fees on conferences organized by ISIDOG, will be invited on Social events sponsored by ISIDOG, are elegible to elect Board members, can become country manager.

NPM cannot become country managers.
IPM pay an individual fee of 80 euro every 2 years (payment of membership fee is due in January of every uneven year (2015, 2017...).
CPM are reduced to 55 euro for 2 years, provided they are applied for by local professional organisations, such as societies for OB/Gyn, Infectious Diseases Societies, Research societies, Universities etc for a group of at least 4 members.

Potential members of developing or poor income countries can be offered membership fees of the CPM on individual basis, provided this is accepted by the entire Board.

You can pay your membership fees as follows : see Payment membership Fee ISIDOG