As a founding president, Gilbert Donders created an bi-annual award of 500 euro for 2  price winning abstracts presented in in the European ISIDOG conferences. Selection of the best presentation (Oral communication and e-poster) will be done based on the independent opinion of the chairmen of the scientific sessions together with two elected Board and Scientific committee members and following strict evaluation rules.

The price will be handed over to the laureate at the closing ceremony of the conference.

During the conference in Riga 29 October - 1 November 2015 these prices were awarded to:

Tatiana Rumyantseva (Ivanova) (Russia) for her lecture entitled " Real-time PCR-based approach to flora assessment and diagnosis of aerobic vaginitis" (best free communication)

Katarina Ruban (Ukraine) for the best poster presentation entitled " Primary herpes genitalis due to autoinoculation" (best electronic poster presentation)




 Tatiana Rumyantseva (Ivanova)

 Gilbert Donders
President ISIDOG

 Katarina Ruban (Ukraine)