A society is totally dependent on membership support.

This takes a small effort for an individual but creates a great drive for the Community of the Society. The more members, and the broader the international representation, the stronger the Society gets.

And a strong Society is needed, not only to streamline the common sense in routine practice and management guidelines in Europe and abroad, but also to push forward modern scientific and clinical research, hand in hand with our industrial partners.

Members can be obstetricians and gynecologists, but also microbiologists, molecular biologists, epdemiologists, general medical doctors, midwives etc. Positions such as congress presidents, country representative, president of the excecutive Board and of the Scientific Board have to be certified OB/Gyn physicians. On the other hand, non-OB/Gyn members can be elected as Board delegates.

Currently we have 80 paying and 850 non-paying members, but it is obvious that the first category makes the difference in keeping the Society dynamic, and introducing progress and changes in attitude where needed.

To become a member

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and help us to further develop our Society to become a strong hold of clinical scientific wisdom in favor of the health and public position of our women.

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