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 Impressions RIGA 2015 first ISIDOG conference

"It was an excellent meeting in a familiar atmosphere with good friends and scientists in an amazing city! Congratulations, dear Dace, and dear Gil. And the karaoke adventure with you, dear Peter, is unforgettable. I hope,

someone of you has performed a small video?! Best regards to all of you, also from Susanne" Prof Dr Werner Mendling (Germany)

 "To my opinion, this was one of the best conferences. Well planned sessions, perfect organisation, ideal DJ = GD. Congratulations! Maybe effect of organizations doubling? Again, many thanks for your hospitality and remuneration. " Prof Dr Piotr Heczko (Poland)


"I would like to thank You for nice conference in Riga – it was very well organised, informative. The story about Mauritius is unforgettable J. Vaginal health is not a priority topic in my country, so I look for possibilities to improve my competence and promote research..... I am very thankful for all the information from the conference in Riga as well as in the section in Hungary. The broader view I received I am using in everyday practice."

Dr Svitrigaile Grinceviciene Jone (Lithuania):


"Thank you for the arrangements and company as well ...... I really enjoyed the congress and everything in Riga. Keep contact! " Dr Paivi Tommola (Finland):

"Congratulation with a very good ISIDOGmeeting in Riga. My colleague Ivana Randjelovic was there and is very enthusiastic!" Prof Dr Harald Moi (Norway)

"Yes, our conference in Riga was a great happening. Very big milestone for our future cooperation and support to joint idea of Infectiology in OBS&GYN. We have to rise and grow even more together. To present our goal as a united team to the rest of the world.

We are small group but our work is big, so let us show how important the issue of infectiology in OBS&Gyn is."  Prof Dr Ljubomir Petricevic (Austria)


"It was a real pleasure to meeting you during the wonderful congress time." Moshe Golan (Israel)


"It was an honor and a great pleasure to participate in a such amazing congress! 

Despite of political and economical crisis, Ukraine at least could effort to become a member of this incredible society and I would like to thank everyone for helping us to make it real!Looking forward to future collaboration and see everyone again in Vienna," Dr Kateryna Ruban (Ukraine)

 "After closing the conference-meeting, I would like to say again, on the behalf of the Spanish ESIDOG/ISIDOG committee, how much we appreciate all of the organizers, supporting agencies, sponsors and conference staffs who contributed the grants and their efforts to us during the two-years conference preparation. We thank you. This conference would not have been a success without you, mainly Prof Donders and Rezeberga. I hope each of us will work together for ISIDOG promotion. See you in Vienna" Prof Dr Carmen Rodriguez (Spain)

"It is a pleasure to be part of this group and this society. Just hope to be able to contribute for the growth and “health” of ISIDOG. Congratulations for the excellent meeting - looking forward to the next ones!" Dr Pedro Vieira Baptista (Portugal)


"Thank you very much for this excellent ISIDOG conference! Very well done!

Cheers!" Prof Dr Jorma Paavonen (Finland)


"I am happy with Riga conference if you all are! I hope this event will stay in bright memories as turning point in ISIDOG development and it will be mentioned long, long time after the event. I also want to say that without all of it could be not possible. I am looking forward to successful collaboration in the future!" Prof Dr Dace Rezeberga (Latvia)


"It was my first get together with ISIDOG and it was great! Thanks to all of you I will be very happy to meet again" Dr Mireille Merckx (Belgium)


"Superlative meeting, wonderful to feel the warmth of friendships growing stronger (Werner, our secret is out….) and doing some great science at the same time!" Dr Peter Greenhouse (United Kingdom)